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I would like to thank everyone at Medimage for the workshop we had on the weekend.  I was blown away, so enjoyed every moment of the workshop and will definitely do another one at some time.

I am having fun editing some of my photos with the notes you gave us.

Thank you so much,

Marion Jackson


I am so stiff from handholding my camera for such long periods, I find it difficult to scratch my back, but the pleasure and enjoyment I got from the workshop overrides every bit of pain I feel. What I learnt from all of you is huge and I thank all of you very much. You help me so much with a smile on your faces.

Mariluo Manninig


Just a quick thank you to you both for an amazing weekend.  Really learnt a lot and really appreciate all your guys hard work for the weekend
Tanya Olsen


Thanks to Willem and the team for a very informative workshop. I have now made friends with my new camera and although my pictures are not at the standard of the other attendees, I am delighted with my progress. I was very grateful at being paired with Basil, he was so helpful, thank you for doing that.
Lesley Perchman



Sincere thanks to all of you for the help I received on your course. I learned more during the three days, than the three years I have owned my camera !

Marco Dagnolo


Thank you guys for an amazing three days. I really thoroughly enjoyed myself
Justin King


I must thank you all for a most interesting, informative and stimulating 
weekend. I must say I have now to sit down and really come to grips with all that we were exposed to. this has opened many doors for me and I am quite sure that you have not seen the last of me.Please keep me informed of future workshops and tours.
Budgie Perchman

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